“Cartooning With Blitz” TV Series Acquired by Columbian Distributor

Janson Media announced today that it has licensed seasons 300 and 400 of the half-hour series Cartooning With Blitz to Proculturales, Ltd., a television distributor based in Bogota, Columbia. Proculturales will syndicate the series to cable and terrestrial channels in Columbia.

Bruce Blitz started as the boy who drew funny pictures of the principal at school. He says “somebody had to do it”! Now the creator and host, and 4-time Emmy Award nominee of the step-by-step program, Cartooning With Blitz, he gives instruction on how to create wacky cartoon figures and zany comic characters.

This fast-paced cartooning variety show features comic strips, cartoon portraits, animal drawings, and spinning the Wheel of Features, which can create over 100,000 cartoon faces. Bruce Blitz also welcomes celebrity guest cartoonists to his studio, and takes viewers on fascinating trips to places like the Museum of Cartoon Art and Busch Gardens. Another big draw for audiences of all ages is the “Doodle Trick” segment where Bruce shows viewers how to take simple shapes, numbers, letters, even words and turn them into wacky cartoons. For a better look at Bruce’s tricks of the trade, catch a episode of Cartooning With Blitz here.

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