Janson Observes All Saints Day

In effect, viewers are given a guided tour of the town of Assisi by Saint Francis himself, with his “narration” being rendered by actor Christopher Jones. Francis was born in the late 12th Century, the son of a rich merchant. He was raised as a young Assisian nobleman, but grew dissatisfied with his life, and in his twenties he publicly renounced his father’s wealth and turned to prayer and service to the poor. Francis began to live as a hermit and preached the necessity of a poor, simple lifestyle based on the ideals of the Gospels. Later in life he received the Stigmata, and composed his famous poem, the Canticle of Brother Sun. He died on October 3, 1226 and was canonized in 1228 by Pope Gregory IX.

The tour visits all the sites in Assisi that played a significant role in the life of Saint Francis. Assisi’s spiritual and mystical dimension, and its artistic and cultural heritage are explored, including its winding medieval streets, its squares, and its festivals. The film is a rich source of information for anyone planning to visit Assisi.