A Comprehensive Retrospective of Hollywood’s Most Beloved Canine Comes To DVD

Janson Media today announced the worldwide DVD release of The Story of Lassie. The title is the 20th to be released on DVD from the company’s Hollywood Collection, an award-winning archive of 34 movie star biographies and retrospectives produced by Wombat Productions between 1985 and 1999.

For 50 years, she has represented all that is good about the enduring bonds between human beings and their dogs. She first leaped to stardom in the 1943 MGM film, Lassie Come Home. At a time when families, still stunned from the Depression, were then torn apart by World War II, the story of a dog who fights every obstacle to return hundreds of miles to her young master moved audiences to tears and established Lassie as an American icon. Lassie made seven MGM films. And when family films began to leave the big screen there were new horizons… first on radio and then on television.

The Story of Lassie includes clips from feature films starring the beloved collie, as well as from  the long-running Lassie television shows, and interviews with trainer Robert Weatherwax, actor Roddy McDowall, Tommy Rettig, Jon Provost, Margaret O’Brien, Janet Leigh and others. Hosted by June Lockhart.

LENGTH: 59 Minutes – Total Content: 95 Minutes
OUR PRICE: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20399
UPC #: 6-4603203999-3
ISBN #: 1-56839-285-0
PRODUCER: Wombat Productions
Street Date: November 18, 2009