Pilgrimages, Greatest Journeys DVD Sets Both Recognized by European Traveler

The European Traveler recently highlighted the Janson Media DVD series’ Pilgrimages of Europe and Greatest Journeys on Earth in their travel guide section. Due to its rich religious history, Europe is a popular destination each year for tourists looking to visit its various churches, cathedrals and sacred locations. These definitive documentaries provide essential information for travelers looking to take an inspirational journey of faith.

Pilgrimages are as old as mankind. The mystical and spiritual nature of a pilgrimage holds an eternal, mythic appeal to the imagination of many people. Every year millions of pilgrims of all nationalities, young and old, set out on these voyages of the soul. The twelve documentaries in the Pilgrimages of Europe collection are experiential journeys to some of the most sacred routes and holy places throughout Christian Europe. Each half-hour documentary, richly filmed, looks at the spiritual, cultural and historical background of an important pilgrimage sites throughout Europe. Produced by Telescreen Distributing & Licensing, each DVD in the 6 disc set includes two half-hour documentaries and previews of ten additional pilgrimage sites, for a total of approximately 90 minutes of content.

Each journey in Greatest Journeys on Earth takes the viewer beyond the usual commonplace cliche’s of travel destinations. Instead, through geography, history, architecture, culture, celebrations, leisure activities and gastronomy, viewers are able to appreciate the art of living in each destination. With interviews, visits, lavish meals and celebrations, viewers become aware of the richly textured history of these great destinations. Produced by Planete Bleu Communications of Montreal, each DVD in this 12 disc set investigates the history and progress of a skill, a means of expression, or a practical discovery that has become an integral part of economic life in a world-famous region. In this way, each story paints a historical portrait and reveals a way of life.

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