“Halifax At War” Recounts the Story of World War II’s Unsung Hero

Janson Media today announced the release of the of the World War II film, Halifax at War: The Story of a Bomber (1 x 71′), to Worldwide Television, VOD, Non-Theatric, DVD and New Media markets, exclusive of Canada and the United Kingdom. Halifax at War was produced by Nightfighters Productions, the same prodco that originated the Janson Media-distributed historical documentary series Heavy Metal, Warriors of the Night and Seapower to Superpower.

The Handley Page Halifax four-engined heavy bomber was the unsung hero of Bomber Command during the Second World War. It flew over 39,000 sorties over enemy territory, towed gliders, dropped agents, carried cargo, and pioneered electronic warfare.

It was capable of enduring heavy battle damage and brought many soldiers home safely. Yet it was controversial and considered poor in comparison to the more famous Lancaster.

After the war, the aircraft was almost forgotten, most were melted down. But it was not forgotten by the men who flew the Halifax.  This film reveals vivid accounts of what the aircraft was like to fly in battle and  recounts the whole story of this aircraft from design to her final conversion as a post-war airliner.  Using never-seen-before footage of the Halifax in action, the film tells the story of how the initial problems of design were conquered.

In all 6,178 were built. Today only three remain. The story of how the Halifax Aircraft Association rescued NA-337 from the depths of a Norwegian Lake and restored her is a stunning tribute to all those who flew and fought in the Halifax.