Andres Roca’s “Nova Era” Blends the Old with the New

With his Nova Era production now running strong for over a decade, Producer and Composer Andres Roca has successfully created a fusion of two different  pop and traditional classical music worlds. Nova Era has attracted a vast audience by blending what we know and treasure about the past with offerings of the culture palate of our present. Created in Orlando, Florida along with Roca’s wife, Maria Luisa Coppelli, Nova Era is responsible for breathing new life into classical music with a modern approach. Much more than an attempt at Mozart: Plugged-In, Nova Era’s updated arrangements bring out the timeless appeal of classics such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Pachelbel’s Canon.

Demand for Nova Era has grown steadily outside of their longstanding Orlando engagement with its band performing around the United States and Europe. Nova Era was also recently selected to showcase their 5 CD collection on the QVC Network. The television appearance was a huge success, with all CDs being sold out before the end of the first song performance. Experiencing the magic of this unique ensemble is a must for anyone with an interest in classical music, while its modern feel is sure to entice new fans. A captivating visual of the Nova Era production is also captured on the 60 minute music special A Night in Venice with Nova Era.

Filmed at Palazzo Zenobio, the site is famed worldwide as one of the most beautiful expressions of seventeenth century Venice. The impressive atmosphere and the wonderfully picturesque setting detail an exceptionally smooth and rich look, which is both inspiring and engrossing. Nova Era is completely enchanting as they perform electrifying music in the main hall of Zenobio Palace. Named Tiepolian after the frescos and complex decoration created by the young G. B. Tiepolo, the Hall of Mirrors reflect the sumptuous style of fine Venetian art and life in the 17 century. The live performance soars in breathtaking passages of high virtuosity with its ensemble of highly skilled artists. As an added theatrical bonus, the musicians are featured in colorful Venetian Baroque costumes adorned with sculpted powdered wigs.

Filmed in High Definition and recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound, A Night In Venice is now available for worldwide television, VOD, and DVD markets exclusively through Janson Media.