Janson Media today announced the release of the short film collection The Laff-A-Bits (40 x 5′) to international Television, VOD, New Media, and Non-Theatric markets. Comprised of five minute comedy films, each hilarious silent film tells a complete story. These shorts are perfect for internet and mobile broadcasters or TV channels and networks seeking interstitial content.

Created and produced by Kay Arnold, The Laff-A-Bits offers 200 minutes of the most hilarious short films from the Great Age of  Slapstick Comedy. Featuring such silent-era stars as Ben Turpin, Snub Pollard, and Marie Mosquini, each comedy film is fast, funny and tells a complete story. This classic comedy series has an original music score with hilarious sound effects and no dialogue since all the action is in pantomime. The Laff-a-Bits can be used as a 5-minute strip across the board at any time of  day.

The Laff-a-Bits is distributed worldwide exclusively through Janson Media. A sampling of the side-splitting programming is found on the 5 minute short “Snub Up North,” available for screening on Janson Media’s YouTube channel.

  1. Yeah, Im very interested in obtaining these, there were 100’s of em if i remember rightly, we had em on the ABC when i was a lad.

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