California’s Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates It’s Anniversary

On this day May 27, 1937 the state of California’s completed one of its most notable landmarks, one of its greatest technological and artistic achievements, the Golden Gate Bridge. The 4,200 foot long suspension bridge which spans the Golden Gate Strait was built to connect Northern California’s San Francisco and Marin County. On opening day, over 200,000 pedestrians walked the bridge with it opening to vehicular traffic the next day. Today we honor the beautiful Sunshine State with the Janson Media DVD Greatest Journeys on Earth: California (1 x 40′). Known for its unbelievable weather, gorgeous beaches and Hollywood, there’s plenty to explore in this amazing Pacific Ocean bordering state.

With its golden beaches and sheer cliffs, glacial water and tropical palms; with its ever-spreading metropolis, larger-than-life celebrities, and over-the-top prosperity, California is, without contest, the kingdom of contrast, beyond measure and beyond superlatives. For four centuries this land at the edge of the western world attracts hardy adventurers like a magnet, and today’s California is modeled in the image of the extravagant landscapes and the legendary tycoons who call it home.

Extra features include previews for the entire 13 disc Greatest Journeys on Earth collection.