New Film Traces the Evolution of Horse and Cattle Culture

Janson Media today announced the release of the western adventure Ride Around the World: The Amazing Journey of the Cowboy (1 x 40′) to international Television, VOD, New Media, and Non-Theatric markets. Originally filmed for release in IMAX® theaters, Ride Around the World takes  viewers on a journey to four continents to experience the life of past and present-day cowboys from across the world.

Travel the vast landscapes and open skies on a ride through spectacular locations only the giant screen can provide. The film traces the 1,500-year global evolution of horse-and-cattle culture as it spread from its earliest beginnings in Morocco and Spain to every corner of the New World. The historical perspective is juxtaposed with various scenes from a working ranch in today’s West Texas, as the viewer experiences a day in the life of the modern-day cowboy.

The parallel historical storyline shows how the evolution of this culture would shape how entire societies live, speak, dress and eat, the music they listen to, the stories they tell, the ideals they hold to, the very fabric of their lives. The film makes this journey in a completely active way, by visiting spectacular locations along this global path and, through the immersive power of the giant screen, allowing viewers to ride with men and women from those distinct cultures.

Twelve hundred years ago, Moorish horsemen conquered Spain. They came on light, fast, endurance-bred desert horses, using new types of saddles, stirrups and bits – a control system that was revolutionary. Spanish cattle herders in Extremadura saw opportunity in the aftermath. They crossed the Moroccan horse with their native breeds, and fashioned their own versions of the Moorish tack and riding system. Now, from horseback, they could raise and manage huge herds of cattle over enormous areas. The first “cowboy,” the vaquero, was born.

Extremaduran vaqueros became Spain’s conquistadores, and brought their culture first to Veracruz, Mexico. Here, we meet vaqueros and charros who developed roping and the cowboy’s signature gear, then participate in the original and most beautiful form of rodeo, the charreada, with fantastic costumes, daring feats of horsemanship and the spectacular escaramuza, women’s choreographed team riding.

From Mexico we follow the trail to South America, to join Argentine gauchos as they herd horses through the marshes and rivers of watery Corrientes province. This thrilling, fast-paced horse sequence continues in Chilean Patagonia, with baqueaños who gather their herds from the icy slopes of the Torres del Paine. The story travels northward as well, through the Western U.S. and Canada to British Columbia, where we meet the Foster family, who work with trained border collies to move their cattle through incredible high mountain pastures.

Running through this global journey is the story of the Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas, an in-depth look at working cowboys on a large American ranch. Through hard work and humor, Mike, Boots, Dawn, Alicia and Jake from the legendary Four Sixes let viewers experience what it would be like to be a cowboy or cowgirl for a day.

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