Janson Media Remembers “The Russian German War”

On this day June 22, 1941 began one of the most tragic battles in the history of warfare. The German army, comprised of over 3 million soldiers and led by Adolf Hitler executed a surprise attack on the Soviet Union whose army was led by Joseph Stalin.  Stalin didn’t believe Hitler would risk such an attack, despite numerous warnings and Hitler on the other hand believed he could accomplish a quick and easy victory despite the Soviet Union’s history of being unbeaten. Both infamous dictators could never truly be prepared for what would transpire over the next four years. After an initial rout by the German army, the cruel and brutal conditions of the Eastern Front proved to be too much for Hitlers army, who were defeated by the Allied Powers after a massive turnaround. With causalities reported in the tens of millions, its difficult to celebrate a victor in this horrific war, but how were the Allied Forces able to pull off the impossible? Viewers can find out in the Janson Media special The Russian German War, available now as a 6 part television series (6 x 30′) and 2 disc DVD set.

Produced by CTV, Television, Inc. The Russian German War is a rare look at one of the worst horror stories in the long infamous history of warfare.

For decades the Cold War prevented us from looking closely at what really happened between the Russians and the Germans on the Eastern Front during World War II. More than a struggle between nations, it pitted maniacal tyrant against maniacal tyrant, evil ideology against evil ideology. The lives of tens of millions of human beings were consumed by its raging hatreds and appalling indignities. One in every ten Russians died. One in every four Poles died. Whole divisions of Italians, Rumanians, Hungarians disappeared with barely a trace. An average of 17,800 people died on every single day – and this, the war on the Russian German Front, lasted for 1,400 days.

The series is narrated with chilling precision by actor Douglas Rain. The script, by producer Jerry Lawton, is dark and powerful. The music, by composer Rick Hyslop, captures every nuance of tragedy with discordant clarity. The series features captured German and Russian film footage, much of which has never been seen in the United States. A trailer of the film is available for screening on the Janson Media YouTube channel.

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