Siegfried & Roy Documentary Arrives in Chinese Market

Janson Media announced today that it has licensed the documentary Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box from its Giant Screen Films Collection to Legend International Company (LIC) of China. Originally filmed for release in IMAX® theaters, The Magic Box is the proud recipient of the 1999 Maxi Award for “Movie of the Year”.

This documentary explores the lives of two of the most successful illusionists of all-time, Siegfried and Roy. The IMAX® 3-D film uncovers how they rose from their tough childhoods of living in postwar Germany to become the most famous magician duo in the world.  It tells the stories of Siegfried’s fascination with magic, Roy’s love of animals, and how they used these escapes to cope with a homeland and fathers traumatized by the war. And it recounts their chance meeting while both were working on a cruise ship, leading to a partnership that would make entertainment history.

“Their story tells you if you dream big enough and hard enough, anything can happen,” says director Brett Leonard. Siegfried & Roy’s rise from postwar Germany to the most successful live entertainers in the world seems to have been the perfect subject for only the eighth IMAX® 3-D film ever produced.

Legend International Company (LIC) China is a media company based in Beijing involved in acquisition, editing, broadcasting and distribution of documentary programs around China, as well as undertaking original productions, translating Chinese documentaries and their distribution both in China and worldwide. The company was found in 1994 and is now a team of over 240 talented and experienced professionals in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices.

K2 Communications, Janson Media’s distribution partner for its Giant Screen Film Collection, is a leading-edge production and distribution organization specializing in emerging non-traditional media programming, including Giant Screen Films for both large format and digital theaters, Video on Demand, Interactive Media, branded content and High Definition television and DVD. K2 has extensive experience supervising large-scale entertainment projects from concept to completion, and an impressive track record securing corporate sponsorship for its projects.

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