GlobeRiders Celebrate A Decade of Great Adventure

Congratulations are in order for the GlobeRiders team who are celebrating their 10th year of organizing Adventure Tours around the world. It’s been a decade since they made their first 72 day trek from Tokyo, Japan to Munich, Germany and in the honor of its anniversary they’ve made some exciting announcements on the GlobeRiders website. At the end of this year, GlobeRiders will embark on a 2 part, 3 month journey leaving from Los Angeles, USA,  heading for Ushuaia, Argentina. GlobeRiders will also be a participant in the BMW ROA International Rally being held at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon on July 15-18th. Do yourself a favor and explore all the new exciting things happening on the GlobeRiders website including Expedition Itineraries, a forum for tour members and the new Adventure Motorcycle Touring page. For an in depth look at what a GlobeRider adventure truly is like, viewers are sure to enjoy GlobeRiders Indochina Expedition and GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure: A Motorcycle Journey, available now to worldwide television, VOD, DVD/video, and new media markets exclusively through Janson Media.

GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure: A Motorcycle Journey
From Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China along the historic and fabled Silk Road, this eight-week adventure crosses the vast deserts of Central Asia, high mountain passes, and through crowded, bustling cities. Experience difficult riding conditions, mechanical breakdowns, accidents, and learn about the intrigue of the Silk Road’s history, countries, and cultures that make the hardships more than worthwhile.

About GlobeRiders Indochina Expedition
From Saigon to Singapore, the GlobeRiders Indochina Expedition is an 8000-mile adventure through Southeast Asia by motorcycle. Ride through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, experiencing the bustling cities, back roads, floating markets, and ancient temples. Hosted by author Helge Pedersen (Ten Years on Two Wheels) and Chris Poland. Crossing boundaries in culture, politics and geography, the riders struggle with bad roads, breakdowns, accidents and fatigue, always looking for a new discovery around the next corner. From the dense urban jungles of Saigon, Hanoi and Bangkok to remote hill tribe villages in Northern Vietnam, the 8000-mile motorcycle expedition from Saigon to Singapore reveals a landscape beyond the normal tourist map of Southeast Asia.