“Travel with Kids: Ireland” Highly Recommended by Video Librarian

The Janson Media DVD Travel with Kids: Ireland was recently recommended in a review by Video Librarian. Produced by Equator Creative Media and filmed in High Definition, Travel With Kids is an entertaining yet practical travel adventure program featuring two real life kid brothers and their parents traveling to well-known and off-the-tourist track destinations. The reviewer recognizes the DVD’s ability to deliver an extensive look at the the Emerald Isle’s most notable locations, providing valuable family travel tips and other DVD extras.

In this edition of the Travel with Kids series (see reviews of Travel with Kids: Costa Rica [VL-5/10) and Travel with Kids: New York [VL-1/10]) the Roberts family takes in the charm and camaraderie of the Emerald Isle. Although thematically similar, each title in the series has a slightly different emphasis reflecting the distinctive characteristics of the locations visited. Ireland finds the Roberts’ joining local musicians at a pub (many are family-friendly establishments), where traditional Irish music is played with drum, fiddle, accordion, flute, and other instruments. While providing specific tips for traveling with children, the film showcases the scenic countryside and various tourist attractions, including the town of Killarney and its horse-drawn cart rides to Ross Castle, and Killarney National Park, with its lakes, bogs, mountains, and woodlands. And, of course, the foursome visits Blarney Castle in County Cork, built in 1446 and home of the famous Blarney Stone, where tradition requires one to climb to the tower where the landmark is located, flip over on one’s back, and kiss the stone over a small gap in the wall about 100 yards above the ground. The extensive DVD extras include a trip planner, travel tips and links to local resources, an “Ireland at Home” section (featuring information on language, crafts, and food—with recipes), and a blooper reel. Highly recommended

Join the Roberts family as they explore the rich history and culture of Ireland in the award-winning series Travel With Kids.  Ireland’s scenic drives and lively pubs have long been a draw for tourists, but what‘s there to do with kids? The Roberts boys show you as they climb castles, including the infamous Blarney Castle where they’re flipped upside down for a kiss, dance to traditional Irish music and peek over some of the world‘s tallest sea cliffs. Get locked up in Kilmainham Jail, feast on a meal fit for a king, pet pigs and sheep and more. Kids will enjoy the antics of the Roberts boys while parents will appreciate practical family travel advice, like hints on great accommodations including staying in a real castle. Whether planning a trip or just dreaming, Travel With Kids Ireland is great family fun!
Explore, relax, enjoy. Destination…Ireland.

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