DVDs to Get Kids Back In the Scholastic Spirit

That time of the year has come where many children hate going back to school while most parents love sending them. With the exception of some school enforced reading, that summer vacation probably involved a lot of doing nothing, leaving the child’s mind a little… untapped. Teachers and parents are working together to kick off the Fall season by rejuvenating those thinking caps. What better way than with some great, dynamic and (gasp) educational DVD titles from the expansive Janson Media catalog?

Some highlighted selections from the DVD catalog:

The Story of the Butterfly (1 x 30′)
This educational DVD tells the amazing story of survival that is the life of a butterfly. Follow our hero, Papilio memnon (the Great Mormon Butterfly), through its entire lifecycle and learn what dangers threaten its survival at every turn and what an amazing job it does at continuing the species!

Dinosaur Eggs and Babies (1 x 57′)
Recent discoveries of dinosaur eggs, nests, and even embryos, are providing new evidence to unlock the mysteries of dinosaur reproductive behavior. This educational program explores the mysteries of dinosaur reproduction with animation and interviews with renowned dinosaur experts.

The Great American West (1 x 41′)
The Great American West tells the story of the settlement of the United States’ western frontier. Using the stories and words taken from diaries and letters of real people, this film not only showcases the astonishingly beautiful scenery of the American West, but also dramatizes the true and often heart-wrenching stories of those who risked everything to explore and settle it.

Get A Life! (10 Disc Set) (10 x 90′)
Get A Life! is a collection of ten career information DVDs designed specifically for high school and junior high school students. Get a Life! deals with the challenges, issues and choices facing today’s youth about their future lives and career choices. But educators, beware! This is NOT your garden-variety career information video guaranteed to put every student in the classroom to sleep. Be prepared for a whole new approach to career guidance, one your students will really appreciate.

For a complete selection of the Janson Media DVD catalog, please browse the company website.