“Journeys Through Spain” DVD Recommended in Video Librarian Review

The DVD Spain: Journeys Through the Land of the Builders (1 x 48′) was recommended in a recent review by Video Librarian. The documentary taken from the Greatest Journeys on Earth DVD series offers a historical account of the Catalonia region of Spain and its ancient roots and cultural influences.

This entry from The Greatest Journeys on Earth series offers a rich, somewhat head-spinning travelogue through Catalonia, a fascinating autonomous region of Spain boasting six million inhabitants, many of whom share a penchant for embracing their ancient roots through folklore, festivals, and even an official dance. As images and historic details whip by, a portrait of Catalonia as a blend of cultural influences–brought on by multiple invaders over many centuries–begins to develop. The Roman Empire alone occupied Catalonia for 500 years, building familiar-looking bridges and aqueducts; after Rome’s power collapsed, Catalonia became vulnerable to anyone who could take her via the Mediterranean. Eventually, the program zeroes in on Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, where we discover the annual Books and Roses Festival, see relatively recent renovations due to the 1992 Olympic Games, and witness numerous craftspeople at work. The real emphasis, however, is on the city’s architecture, where Gothic and Art Nouveau styles coexist harmoniously, and builders proceed with their work not as laborers but as true artists. Recommended. [Note: other titles in the series include Canada: Journeys Through the Rockies, Peru: Journeys to the Golden Cities, and Greece: Journeys to the Gods

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