Janson Signs Deal with British Tennis Pro Bert Rowley

Janson Media announced today that it has entered into a Content Management agreement with  Evolve Player of London, for Modern Tennis Essential Tools with Bert Rowley. Shot in High-Definition, the project is a comprehensive DVD guide to the sport of tennis featuring cutting-edge instruction by British tennis pro Bert Rowley. The deal calls for Janson Media to increase Rowley’s presence in the American market, and to introduce the product to its DVD/Video, television, and new media clients around the world.

Tennis is arguably the fastest evolving sport in the world. Not only are the elite players hitting the ball harder than ever, but they also have increased their mobility and coverage of the court. There is a new species of tennis player on the circuit today.  Modern intense training methods and nutrition are producing the likes of Rafael Nadal, a muscular, impossibly fit competitor, Andy Murray, a sophisticated tactitian with great court coverage and fitness, and Novak Djokovic, a strong, spirited all-rounder. These young players are now challenging the acknowledged king of the modern game, the great Swiss champion, Roger Federer.  On the women’s courts, the Williams sisters — Venus and Serena — have changed the game to one of speed and power.

Evolve Player’s new instructional DVD, Modern Tennis Essential Tools with Bert Rowley teaches everything today’s tennis player needs to improve his or her existing repertoire of shots and even learn some new ones. Beginners, intermediate and advanced players can all find the right techniques for each developmental stage. Clear and concise narration throughout assures that viewers are not overloaded with information. In addition to shot-making are several segments on tactics, that will prove useful to viewers seeking to advance in their own club tournaments.  There is also a section on movement and footwork.

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