Award-Winning “Lion and the Mouse: The Story of America and Bermuda” DVD Scores Fantasic Review

The award winning Janson Media DVD Lion and the Mouse: The Story of America and Bermuda (1 x 153′) was recommend in a recent review by Video Librarian. The Lion and the Mouse: The Story of America and Bermuda, narrated by Michael Douglas, is a series of three hour-long documentary films that tell the story of Bermuda’s role in American history, and the conflicts and characters that shaped the relationship between the little Atlantic island and the great nation that dates back four centuries.

“Narrated by Michael Douglas, this three-part series chronicles the historical relationship between North America (first the English colonies, and then the United States) and the British island group off the North Carolina coast, using Aesop’s titular fable as a metaphor for the ways in which the great and small powers have interacted. The series covers Bermuda’s initial settlement by a group of Brits headed for Jamestown and its significance in trade and tourism, while also emphasizing its role in abolitionism; but most of the story—understandably, given Bermuda’s strategic location in the Atlantic—focuses on wars. The involvement of islanders on both sides of the American Revolution is followed by an account of Bermuda’s central importance in the War of 1812 and its role during the Civil War (with residents once again divided), as well as the two world wars (particularly intriguing are episodes dealing with spies and top-secret naval missions). Filmmaker Lucinda Spurling mixes conventional documentary techniques—narration, archival footage/stills, artwork, and interview excerpts—with somewhat stilted dramatic reenactments. A valuable treatment of a significant but largely ignored sidebar to both U.S. and British history, this is recommended.” Three STARS – Video Librarian

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