Janson Media Announces Release Slate for MIPTV 2011 and MIPDOC

Janson Media today announced its slate of programming for MIPTV 2011, to be held in Cannes next month, April 4 through 7. The company is at MIPTV for the 23rd consecutive year, exhibiting at its new stand #R34.03, in the Riviera Hall of the Palais des Festivals. Company executives in attendance include Stephen Janson, Zara Janson, Suzette Winter, and Joan Lence, and while in Cannes, they may be reached at the Grand Hotel.

Janson Media is excited to introduce the following new titles at MIPTV 2011:

Costa Rica: Quest for Pura Vida is the 9th title in the spectacular Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose (9 x 60′) series of literate high-definition travel documentaries. Author and adventurer Richard Bangs explores the ecological nexus of North and South America, in the small but potent package of a country, Costa Rica.

Wild Photo Adventures (13 x 30’) Tag along with host and professional photographer Doug Gardner to great locations to photograph wildlife, its behavior and its environment. The first wildlife and nature photography television show of its kind, viewers can expect useful tips on where to go, how to find wild subjects and how to photograph them in new and creative ways.

Spirit Lands: An American Desert Odyssey (1 x 52′) A visual and musical journey to some of the most spectacular, beautiful and awe-inspiring natural wonders of the American desert.  Emmy Award-winning Fortney, whose filmography also includes Timeless: A National Parks Odyssey (1 x 52′), is highly regarded for his breathtaking achievements in cinematography, and his talent for creating ambient films — each an exquisite marriage of film and music.

Discoveries…Vietnam (2 x 60′) A 2-part series about Vietnam in the 21st Century. Discoveries…Vietnam, A 21st Century Awakening travels from the Mekong Delta in the South to the Chinese border in the North capturing life in Vietnam. In the second hour, Discoveries…Vietnam, Rice Baskets to World Heritage viewers visit farmers during rice harvest and learn how this country has transformed itself into a modern nation in the 21st century.

Travel With Kids (49 x 30′) The Roberts family is back on the road… this time traveling to Peru, Italy, Greece and Mexico in Season 400.  Travel With Kids is full of entertaining yet practical travel adventure programs featuring two real-life kid brothers and their parents.

Tamara Lackey: Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography™ (1 x 60′) This special and series pilot combines nearly a decade of Tamara Lackey’s behind-the-camera knowledge and experience with her fresh and playful approach to capturing the emotion and authenticity of real moments in photographs.

Finally, for those who can’t get enough “how-to” programming, Janson Media is bringing more new seasons to the market of Quilting Arts TV Knitting Daily TV, Hands on Crafts for Kids, the jewelry-making series Beads, Baubles and Jewels, a series for scrapbooking enthusiasts, Scrapbook Memories and its popular baking and cake-decorating series, Bake Decorate Celebrate!

Janson Media is also presenting its new Emmy award-winning current affairs documentary, Split Estate, at MIPDOC 2011.  Split Estate, airing in the U.S. on the Sundance Channel, takes on the environmental issue of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) mapping a tragedy in the making, as citizens in the path of a new natural gas drilling boom in the Rocky Mountain West struggle against the erosion of their civil liberties, their communities and their health.

MIPDOC is the international showcase for documentary and factual programme screenings, and takes place on the weekend prior to MIPTV (April 2nd and 3rd) at the Carlton Hotel.

To schedule an appointment please email us or use this online form.

For more information on MIPTV 2011 please visit the content market’s official website.