Janson Media today announced the release of the complete 13 DVD collection of Fighter Aces of World War II (13 x 30′). An Anthony Potter Production, Fighter Aces of World War II is the most comprehensive history series ever produced on the subject, featuring amazing air combat footage and first hand accounts of the greatest air battles the world has ever known.

This 13-disc DVD set features extraordinary air combat footage shot at the height of raging dogfights from all sides of the conflict – from Japan, Germany, Britain, Russia, Canada, Australia and the United States. Each DVD provides vivid and graphic first hand accounts of each country battling for positions of power, documenting some of the most fierce victories and defeats in war history.

DVDs in this collection:
Knights in the Sky
Defending the Realm
Red Star Rising
Tigers Over China
Hell in the Pacific
Under All Flags
Big Friend, Little Friend
Struggle for Supremacy
Assault on Fortress Europe
Closing the Ring
Fall of the Third Reich
Victory in the Pacific
Reflections on War

LENGTH: 390 Minutes
MSRP: $99.95
CATALOG #: 20483
UPC #: 6-4603204839-1
ISBN #: 1-56839-407-1
PRODUCER: An Anthony Potter Production

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