Janson Media announced today that it has signed a longterm distribution agreement with the New York-based Ardennes Group for two new films, the one-hour docudrama The Wereth Eleven, and the feature documentary USS Franklin: Honor Restored.  Janson Media will also release the films on DVD to the North American homevideo and non-theatrical markets.

The Wereth Eleven (1 x 60′) recounts the heroic battle waged by the African-American  333rd Field Artillery Battalion against the massed attacking German army at the start of the Battle of the Bulge and the dramatic escape made by eleven men of Battery C. They were soon after captured and massacred at Wereth, Belgium by Hitler’s most ruthless soldiers, the SS. The film is narrated by actor Corey Reynolds of The Closer.

USS Franklin: Honor Restored tells the complete story, for the first time, of “The Ship That Wouldn’t Die,” the aircraft carrier that survived a direct hit by a Japanese armor-piecing bomb just 50 miles off the coast of Japan in March 1945. In an instant the crew’s lives were changed forever and the events that followed would make the story of “Big Ben” one of the most dramatic and inspiring in naval history. The film is narrated by retired U.S. Marine Captain and actor Dale Dye (Saving Private Ryan).

“Both The Wereth Eleven and USS Franklin: Honor Restored document incredible World War II stories that have never been told before,” said Stephen Janson, president of Janson Media. “Producer Joseph Small of the Ardennes Group is to be commended for having the courage and passion to bring these two true stories to the screen. They are both superbly directed by award-winning director Robert Child, and we anticipate they will find both artistic and commercial success, and eventually be seen by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.”

“A group of dedicated individuals set out on a mission a few years ago to set the record straight and to restore honor and dignity to a group of American heroes,” said Joseph Small, CEO of The Ardennes Group. “From day one, we were determined to have the heroic efforts of the brave soldiers of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion and the mistreated crew of The USS Franklin shown to the world and for them to finally receive the credit and praise that is so long overdue.”

“After a long and arduous search, The Ardennes Group has selected Janson Media to distribute our soon-to-be-released films, The Wereth Eleven and USS Franklin: Honor Restored.  Our decision was based solely on the fact that Janson Media displayed the kind of enthusiasm and passion we needed to ensure that these important and historic true stories are marketed throughout the world.  The Ardennes Group is confident that Janson Media has the experience and expertise required to reach our target audience.”

The films will be have their worldwide launch at the MIPCOM market in Cannes, France, in early October of this year. The company expects DVDs to be available by mid-October, in time for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the start of America’s involvement in World War II.

Established in 1989, Janson Media is an independent content production, distribution and management company based in the United States, with a rights portfolio of over 1,500 hours of exclusive programming available for licensing to worldwide television, VOD, DVD/video, and emerging new media platforms. The company has licensed programming to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include nearly every major broadcaster or media company, as well as a wide range of DVD labels and distributors. Janson Media is also a publisher/ manufacturer of award-winning DVDs.

  1. Thank you. My father,Sam Rhodes is part of the crew of USS FRANKLIN. There’s still a great group of the crew still left.THANK YOU again,look forward to the video

  2. Thank you so much for this film. My grandfather, George Bennett, served on the Franklin, and his experiences have impacted our family greatly.

  3. My Dad, Charles E. Phillips, also served on the USS Franklin. My Dad died in 1983 but my husband and I hooked up in 2004 with some of the men that served with him in his unit. They all some amazing stories to tell. We have been going to the reunion every year and all of the survivors that are there are heros to everyone.

    Long live the memory of the USS Franklin.

  4. Thanks very much to all: Joe Small, Joe Springer, and the Ardennes Group et al! My Dad, George Sippel, finally gets HIS story told; in a vid that pulls no punches! Well done!!

  5. My dad was aboard the Franklin with the Marines – VMF214. We have recently ordered the Honor Restored DVD and I am sure we will be ordering several more for family members. He has enjoyed seeing the trailers for the documentary. Never have I seen the story of the Franklin presented in such a dramatic, compelling way! Semper Fi!

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