Latest “Travel with Kids” DVD Explores the Amazon and Incas of Peru

Janson Media today announced the worldwide release of the DVD Travel with Kids: Peru (1 x 84′), the latest DVD adapted from a popular episode of its award-winning Travel with Kids television series, filmed in High Definition.

Join the Roberts family as they learn about the rich culture and history of the Incas and the amazing nature in the Amazon in the award-winning series Travel With Kids. In three half-hour episodes, the Roberts explore the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, roam the markets of Cusco and the Sacred Valley and discover the incredible creatures that inhabit the Amazon in Peru. Along the way, they kayak the Amazon, pet llamas, learn to play pan flute, march in a parade and more. Whether planning a trip or just dreaming, Travel With Kids Peru  is great fun for the whole family!   Explore, relax, enjoy. Destination…Peru.

Travel with Kids is an award-winning family travel guide series that brings you history, culture and practical travel information for the entire family to enjoy, learn about or plan an upcoming trip to the area. Travel With Kids is both entertaining and educational, yet delivers practical travel information that is interesting and useful for families planning a trip, and armchair travelers alike. Presented with additional pop-up on screen facts on the history, culture and travel tips for both well known and off the beaten path destinations, the entire family will enjoy watching this adventure travel series.

Bonus Features:

►Trip Planner with information and videos on family-friendly accommodation & transportation
►Family Travel Tips and Resources
►Peru at Home section with recipes language and crafts