First HDTV of Russia Acquires More Episodes From Richard Bangs’ “Adventures with a Purpose” Series

Janson Media announced today that it has licensed 3 of the latest episodes of the documentary travel series Richard Bangs: Adventures with a Purpose (3 x 60′) to First HDTV of Russia. Produced by Small World Productions, Adventures with Purpose is a popular series of one-hour adventure travel, eco-conscious, historical documentaries. The series is co-produced by KCTS/Seattle, and Richard Bangs Productions of Marina del Rey, California.

Episode 107: Greece: Quest for the Gods
On this trip of time, history and emotion, the distances Richard travels inside are as great as those outside. He begins in Athens, and then heads to, Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games. He travels to the island of Ithaca, the site of mystical oracles at Delphi, and finishes at the home of the gods, Mt. Olympus.

Episode 108: Hong Kong: Quest for the Dragon
This time Richard Bangs journeys through a city that blazes like a great pageant of light…a land of giants in both steel and dreams…a place that pushes the limits of the possible…and not so much predicts the future, as invents it.

Episode 109: Costa Rica: Quest for Pura Vida
Richard Bangs explores the ecological nexus of North and South America, in the small but potent package of a country, Costa Rica. The people of Costa Rica are on a tear to preserve the extravagant biodiversity of their national field of dreams—and it seems to be working. What is the secret of their success? Richard is off to find out, as he traverses a land oft cited a green beacon to the world, as well as a place two recent international studies proclaimed “the happiest country on earth!”

About The First HDTV Network
The First HDTV Network was launched in April 2007 and features a diverse mix of channels including Travel HD, Zoo TV, Teen TV, Fishing & Hunting TV Hi Life, Cinema, and Woman’s World.

About Richard Bangs
Richard Bangs is a world adventurer, international river explorer, Web pioneer and award winning author. He is also a founding partner of Mountain Travel Sobek, America’s oldest and largest adventure travel firm. In addition to his Adventures with Purpose series, Bangs has produced web-based projects such as Great Escapes, Well-Traveled and Terraquest.

About Small World Productions
Small World Productions is a small Seattle-based independent production company that since 1980 has been dedicated to making first-rate travel programs for public television. The company’s television series focus on the sights, art, and history of destinations in Europe, the USA, and Mexico & the Caribbean. Each episode is meant to appeal to travelers and armchair travelers and includes useful travel tips.

About Janson Media
Established in 1989, Janson Media is an independent content distribution company based in the United States, with a rights portfolio of over 1,500 hours of exclusive programming available for licensing to worldwide television, VOD, DVD/video, and emerging new media platforms. The company has licensed programming to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include nearly every major broadcaster or media company, as well as a wide range of DVD labels and distributors. Janson Media is also a publisher/ manufacturer of award-winning DVDs.