Janson’s “Great North” Documentary Travels to the Truth North in New Deal

Janson Media announced today that it has licensed Great North (1 x 42′) from the company’s Giant Screen Films Collection to OASIS HD of Canada. Originally filmed for release in IMAX® theaters, the Janson Media Giant Screen Films Collection includes other super-sized titles such as Vikings: Journey to the New World and Ocean Men, all of which have been down-converted to HDTV.

Experience a whirling journey of rich landscapes, course over the rugged terrain with rhythmic energy like that of a herd of migrating caribou, and share the extraordinary plight of the people who have long lived in harmony with the harsh elements of the Arctic. The award winning Great North shows us unique ways of living that are perfectly adapted to extreme environments. Patience, a respect for nature’s lessons and the bonds of community are what’s needed. Inside their snow houses and tents, we watch the Inuit and Saami passing on what they know to their children, making sure that their way of life will remain eternal.

OASIS HD™ is owned and operated by High Fidelity HDTV™, Canada’s leading HD broadcaster. OASIS HD is the first nature channel commited to continuous, clutter-free programming, showcasing the endless beauty of the natural world. OASIS HD lets viewers explore, reflect, and embrace the essence of our exquisite planet, with stories woven together from the finest Canadian and international documentary programming available.

2001 Long Beach International Film Festival – Jury Award

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