Pivot to Premiere ‘When Elephants Fight’ Documentary Narrated and Executive Produced by Golden Globe Winner Robin Wright

Film Spotlights the War in the Democratic Republic of Congo over Minerals that Power our Everyday Handheld Devices

Janson Media today announced it has licensed the documentary When Elephants Fight, narrated and executive produced by Golden Globe winner Robin Wright (House of Cards), to the U.S. cable network Pivot.  This eye-opening film spotlights the illicit mineral trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo and shows how global tech corporations’ complicity has affected the continued conflict in the region.  The award-winning documentary makes its U.S. premiere on Pivot, March 16th at 7 pm ET.

“We are proud that this film shines a light on the illegal and illicit mining practices in the Congo,” states Ms. Wright.

“We couldn’t be happier that the film and the #StandWithCongo campaign is reaching a broad and socially conscious and active audience at Pivot.”

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to some of the world’s richest seams of copper, coltan and other minerals increasingly sought after by global electronics manufacturers for use in smartphones and computers. However, like other resource rich countries in Africa, rather than improving life for the Congolese’s poorest people, billions of dollars are redirected to tax havens and to local militias. This illegal trade has fueled a war that has taken nearly five million lives since 1996.

The film is an extension of the #StandwithCongo campaign which mobilizes students and consumer activists to pressure policy makers, stakeholders, and investors for greater transparency and accountability in the mining sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To take action, viewers can follow #StandwithCongo on social media and text CONGO to 77177.  The campaign is led by actress Robin Wright, activist JD Stier of Stier Forward, and director Mike Ramsdell.

When Elephants Fight is directed by Ramsdell and executive produced by Wright. Janson Media handles worldwide distribution to all television, VOD and digital markets.

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