Bob Ross Channels on Youtube and Twitch Reach Milestones

Bob Ross Channels on Youtube and Twitch Reach Milestones

Two Bob Ross channels managed by Janson Media both crossed important milestones in recent days. The Bob Ross Youtube channel reached 2 million subscribers! And, in the wake of the fifth annual Bob Ross marathon in late October and early November on, the Bob Ross channel on Twitch reached the 1 million subscriber level!

On the official YouTube channel of The Joy of Painting and Bob Ross, fans of the soft-spoken guy painting happy clouds, mountains, and trees can watch and paint along with every episode of The Joy of Painting -- all 403 half-hour episodes. The Joy of Painting was originally created for public television syndication in the United States. The half-hour instructional television show hosted by painter Bob Ross ran from January 11, 1983, until May 17, 1994. In each episode, Ross taught techniques for landscape oil painting, completing a painting in each session. Today, the late Bob Ross has become a global icon known for his gentle voice, his enthusiasm, and his warm and positive nature. Bob always encouraged audiences with his gentle reminder, "you can do it."

On Twitch, the Bob Ross channel features Joy of Painting marathons every weekend, starting at 3:00pm ET Friday and running until 3:00pm ET Monday. Happy painting, friends!

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