Bob Ross’ Voice Now Lulls Restless Adults to Sleep on Calm’s Bedtime App

Bob Ross’ Voice Now Lulls Restless Adults to Sleep on Calm’s Bedtime App

Janson Media signed a deal on May 11, 2018 with to provide them with Bob Ross content for their app. After noticing the calming effects of Bob Ross’ soothing voice, audio tracks were designed to help users drift to sleep. A package of content was given to to test out how it would do, and it has been a hit ever since. In a press release, Alex Tew, a co-founder of Calm, said, “We’ve had so many Calm users asking us for a Sleep Story with Bob Ross. He was and still is a hero to the hard of sleeping.”

Bob Ross himself acknowledged, too, that his voice caused some viewers to doze off. “They watch it strictly for entertainment value or for relaxation,” Mr. Ross told The Orlando Sentinel back in 1990. “We’ve gotten letters from people who say they sleep better when the show is on.”

Joan Kowalski, president of Bob Ross Inc., oversees licensing of the artist’s brand name. When the idea was given to her she stated: “We asked ourselves, ‘What would Bob do? Using his voice to help put people to sleep?' Well, he would love that.” She added, “we hear from people almost daily who are going on to YouTube to hear his voice. People back in the day were shy to tell him they fell asleep listening to him. They thought it would insult him. He loved it.” "When reached out to us at Janson Media, we immediately saw the value of a mutual partnership between the two brands. We're excited to bring the voice of Bob Ross to subscribers worldwide" added Jesse Janson, the company's Executive Vice-President for Acquisitions and Development.

A native of Orlando, Florida, Bob began painting when he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska. He has become a cult figure to various age groups all around the world. His first Joy of Painting show aired in 1982.  Since then, a total of 404 episodes have been produced and continue to air on television networks and channels worldwide, making The Joy of Painting the most popular art show of all time. Millions of viewers agree that his quiet, nurturing disposition is a form of therapy for the weary, and his respect for nature and wildlife has helped environmental awareness. Janson Media has managed the Bob Ross YouTube channel, which has over more than 1.5 million subscribers, since 2015.  


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