Danila Kozlovsky from Janson's Film Viking is Set to Star in History's Hit Drama Series, Vikings

Danila Kozlovsky from Janson's Film Viking is Set to Star in History's Hit Drama Series, Vikings

The story of Janson Media's new feature film release, Viking, begins at the very edge of the world, in Norway. From here, our hero, played by Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky, travels along the Eastern route of the Vikings, along the rivers and portages of Ancient Rus, down the Black Sea, to the border of the greatest empire of the world at the time, the eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium.

In the early Middle Ages, a time of heavy swords and laws of blood revenge, a ruling family is torn apart by bitter rivalry. Prince Yaropolk is accused of accidentally murdering his brother. The responsibility for revenge falls upon Yaropolk’s younger half-brother Vladimir, who refuses to comply with the blood law. His refusal to kill will cost him everything he has, because “it takes more swords to uphold peace than to wage war.”

Little is known for certain about life in Russia in the 10th century; little material evidence has been preserved. In order to create a model reconstruction of that world, the producers of Viking carried out extensive research work over seven years of pre-production, which is what truly makes this film spectacular.

Viking stars Danila Kozlovsky who is also set to star in Season 6 of the hit History Channel drama series, Vikings. About VikingKozlovsky said, "we made a film which is to a certain extent unprecedented for our industry. Five years ago Russian people weren’t ready for this sort of film! Here, everything and everyone – directors, actors, workers – have attained a fundamentally new level. Colossal endurance and patience was required, even self-sacrifice to a degree sometimes. You could feel the effort from every member of the film crew, the wish to do something great, something new, unusual and very important. There wasn’t a single person who was just marking time. They fought for every frame.”

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