Janson Announces New Educational Family Fun Drawing Series

Janson Announces New Educational Family Fun Drawing Series

Janson Media today announced the release of the multi-award winning, creative children's and family television series, Drawing with Mark, a production of BCP Imagines, based in Newton, Massachusetts.

Viewers join professional illustrator Mark Marderosian on a creative journey to discover the "FUNdamentals" of learning to draw. Drawing with Mark is an Emmy-nominated, Parents' Choice, and National Parenting Center Award-winning series that helps kids of all ages unlock their creativity. Each episode includes a "field trip" to a cool location, interviews with smart guests, colorful animation, craft segments, fun facts, suggested reading lists, and two step-by-step drawing lessons. Drawing with Mark has received universal applause and critical acclaim for its unique format and approach to introducing kids and their families to the joy of drawing.

"Parents told us that they noticed a real boost in their children’s confidence along with a real sense of accomplishment," said The National Parenting Center. "Many children wanted to keep exploring more and pushing themselves further after watching the show."

The series is hosted by former Disney illustrator Mark Marderosian, who brings over 30 years of professional experience as a cartoonist and illustrator to the project. He has illustrated several dozen movie and television tie-in books for Disney and Golden Books, and among the many characters he has drawn are Mickey Mouse, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Hello Kitty, and Jimmy Neutron. He is most identified with work on merchandise and books featuring the Disney Princesses. Marderosian has helped countless kids and adults discover the joy of learning to draw. In her profile of Mark for Boston.com, Susan Chaityn Lebovits said, "Mark Marderosian has made Buzz Lightyear fly, Cinderella dance, and gotten Sleeping Beauty to wake up."

The appeal of Drawing with Mark truly reaches across the age spectrum. Kids from 6-96 love to pick up a pencil and draw with Mark. Parents and grandparents enjoy watching Drawing with Mark as a family, sharing fun times together being creative.

"The show’s overall focus is all about helping kids of all ages unlock their creativity and imagination. In these days of budget cuts for so many institutions who are struggling to educate, present and promote art the need for opportunities to encourage the discovery of the joy of what art can bring us is more important than ever," said Marderosian.

Drawing with Mark (12 x 30 minutes)is now available on Amazon Prime Video in the USA and Amazon Prime Video in the UK. Additional digital platform and broadcast availabilities will be announced throughout 2019.

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