Janson Inks Deal with Educational Publisher Ambrose Video

Janson Inks Deal with Educational Publisher Ambrose Video

Janson Media today announced an agreement with educational publisher Ambrose Video to distribute eight educational series to Amazon's worldwide English-language platforms. The package includes the following content ranging from social studies to science and technology, from health and wellness to cinema studies:.

Healing and the Mind with Bill Moyers (5 x 60') is a stunning and unique five part series hosted by the legendary journalist, which investigates the search for answers to perplexing questions: How do emotions translate into chemicals in our bodies? How do thoughts and feelings influence health? How can we collaborate with our bodies to encourage healing?

Triumph of the Nerds  (5 x 60') is a terrific three-part history of the computer industry. It happened more or less by accident, the people who made it happen were amateurs. From his own Silicon Valley garage, author Bob Cringely puts PC big shots and nerds on the spot, and tells their incredible true stories. Like the industry itself, the series is informative, funny and brash.

Hollywood's Greatest Directors (5 x 30') is a historical compendium of America's unparalleled role in the creation of cinema. American filmmakers have been the dominant force in shaping the film industry and its artistry since its inception at the turn of the 20th Century.

Neuroscience: Understanding the Brain (5 x 30') investigates the last and greatest frontier challenging humanity's understanding of our world - the human brain. Featuring in-depth interviews and demonstrations with neuroscientists from the country's top institutions, including MIT, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Washington University.

The Neuroscience of Addiction (5 x 30') delves into the greatest social scourge of the 21st Century - addiction. The series defines the brain's role in addiction, how drugs of abuse hijack the brain making us more susceptible to addictive behavior, how addictive behavior affects our brains, our lives and our entire culture, and how breakthroughs in neuroscience are paving the way to new treatments for addiction.

The content package also includes three American social studies series, A History of Black Achievement in America (9 x 30'), A History of Women's Achievement in America (8 x 30'), and A History of Hispanic Achievement in America (9 x 30'). 

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