Janson Joins Bloomberg and BBC for Launch of New Mobile-only TV Platform, Dreams

Janson Joins Bloomberg and BBC for Launch of New Mobile-only TV Platform, Dreams

Janson Media today announced a partnership with Dreams, the new mobile-only TV platform which launched publicly on May 15, 2018. Dreams features six new mobile TV channels spanning live news and entertainment, in collaboration with media partners such as BBC Studios, Bloomberg Television, Janson Media, and others. Janson Media's iconic series The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross will tentpole the Dreams VHS Channel, along with other well-loved 80s and 90s-era content such as Inspector Gadget, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dreams stated goal is to "redesign TV for the most important device in our lives." It presents new mobile TV channels in a radically simple interface: instant, swipeable, vertical video. Dreams is available for download in the U.S. on the App Store and Google Play. The app is free and requires no login or registration. 

“We started Dreams to redesign TV for your phone,” said co-founder Tom Bender. “We wanted a home screen icon for fun, free TV.”

In addition to the VHS channel, Dreams first wave of made-for-mobile TV channels includes Newsflash, Geo, Bloomberg Television, Wedding Week, and Slow.

Dreams was founded in New York City in 2016 by Tom Bender and Greg Hochmuth. The company’s software converts live TV news into a vertical video format in real-time, enabling the first-ever live, 24/7 vertical video news channels. Dreams has raised a $5 million Series A financing to support the development of new mobile TV channels and technology. The round was led by Ronny Conway's A Capital Ventures, with participation by NEA, SV Angel, Box Group, Scott Belsky, and Kevin Durant.

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