Janson Media Inks Distribution Deal with The Video Project

Janson Media Inks Distribution Deal with The Video Project

Janson Media today announced an agreement with The Video Project, a leading non-theatrical distributor based in California. The deal will make The Video Project's award-winning documentaries available to worldwide VOD, broadcast, and inflight airline markets. In addition to bringing the content to such major worldwide digital platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and Hulu, Janson Media will distribute the Video Project's new documentaries to its broadcast clients around the world, introducing titles at content markets like MIPTV and MIPCOM in Cannes. Janson's inflight airlines team will also handle sales of the catalog.

"We're excited about this new relationship with The Video Project, one of the most highly-regarded non-theatrical distributors serving the U.S. college and university market today," said Natasha Kline, Director of Communications for Janson Media. "Virtually all of their documentaries have secured multiple awards at film festivals across the country, and their titles focus on the current affairs and social issues that are of great topical concern to our documentary buyers worldwide."

“Janson Media has a great reputation in the international marketplace and we are pleased to be partnering with them to provide worldwide access to our award-winning films,” stated Michael Kuehnert, Director of Acquisitions and Sales. Structured as an output deal, Video Project titles will be released by Janson Media on an ongoing basis throughout the year, sometime after the initial exploitation and first-run educational market window in the United States. "We're thrilled to expand our partnership with Janson Media, an organization who shares our mission in effecting change through documentary films, to spread the message of our films ever wider," added Arlin Golden, Director of Operations.

The initial package of Video Project include the following documentaries:

Pretty Slick (54 minutes)
Directed by: James Fox. Pretty Slick visits locals across four Gulf states documenting the largest man-made environmental disaster in U.S. history and investigates the cleanup efforts.

The Polygon: The Untold Secret of the Soviet Union’s Nuclear Testing Program in Kazakhstan (54 minutes)
Directed by: Adam Schomer and Kimberley Hawryluk. The Polygon examines the village of Sarzhal in Kazakhstan, adjacent to the former Semipalatinsk Test Site, where the USSR detonated 116 nuclear bombs over 42 years.

Oyler: Dramatic Turnaround in a Poverty-Stricken Community (56 minutes)
Directed by Amy Scott. Oyler takes viewers through a year at a poverty stricken school in Cincinatti, focusing on Principal Hockenberry's mission to transform a community and senior Raven's quest to be the first in her family to finish school and go to college

Pete McCloskey: Leading from the Front, The Story of a True Political Maverick (54 minutes)
Directed by Robert Caughlan. The colorful story of former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey offers an example of an authentic hero, as the documentary cuts through contemporary biases based on ideologies and party affiliations to open a unique window onto an important span of our nation's history.

BiPolarized: Rethinking Mental Illness (76 minutes)
Directed by Rita Kotzia. "BiPolarized: Rethinking Mental Illness" follows Ross McKenzie, recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, on a troubled personal journey while telling a larger story about mental illness and conventional drug treatments.

RFK in The Land of Apartheid (55 minutes)
Directed by Larry Shore and Tami Gold. Featuring never before seen archival footage and interviews, "RFK in the Land of Apartheid" tells the little-known story of Senator Robert Kennedy's influential visit to South Africa during the worst years of Apartheid.

Sprayed: Examining the Link Between Pesticides and Zika (39 minutes)
Directed by Craig Leon. As Miami residents worry about being sprayed with toxic chemicals in the War on Zika, a journey to Brazil and Vietnam reveals unexpected insights including the rise of microcephaly attributed to the Zika virus and the generational impact of Agent Orange, exploring a possible link between birth defects and disease control.

More About The Video Project

Founded in 1983, The Video Project's mission is to provide the best media programming available on critical social and global issues to classrooms and communities to help advance awareness and encourage action on the most important concerns of our times.

The Video Project collection features programs for all ages from over 200 independent filmmakers, including Oscar and Emmy winners, as well as films that aired on Showtime, HBO and PBS. Our films are regularly honored with top festival awards and with critical praise from major review publications.

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