Janson Media Signs Major Youtube Creator Relaxing White Noise

Janson Media Signs Major Youtube Creator Relaxing White Noise

Janson Media today announced an agreement with Relaxing White Noise, LLC to bring the world's largest and most popular collection of ambient video content to Amazon Prime Video viewers worldwide. The channel is YouTube's foremost creator of white noise videos to help people sleep, study or soothe a baby.

Founded by a former insomniac, Relaxing White Noise is a business that understands the struggles of a sleepless night. In 2012, Relaxing White Noise launched its YouTube channel to help people around the world get better sleep. As the channel grew, original video content was produced and added to the channel to help viewers study, soothe a baby or temporarily relieve tinnitus. The Relaxing White Noise Youtube channel already has over half a million subscribers, and six million people per month watch, and more importantly, listen, to the original content created by the company.

According to Relaxing White Noise, white noise helps people relax and fall asleep fast. Videos are each 10 hours in length, enabling viewers and listeners to block out extraneous noise all night long, resulting in a full night of restful sleep. In addition to helping viewers and listeners achieve a restful night's sleep, the content can be used while studying, relaxing, soothing a crying baby or working at the office.

"Relaxing White Noise is thrilled to be partnering with Janson Media to bring our content to Amazon VOD. With more than 230 million views on YouTube and half a million subscribers, Relaxing White Noise looks forward to reaching new audiences on Amazon," said Peter Hallinan, CEO of Relaxing White Noise. "For all those who struggle with falling asleep, maintaining focus while studying, or for new parents trying to comfort a crying infant, Relaxing White Noise provides the peaceful ambiances that help people achieve a better quality of life."

In addition to such tried-and-true ambient titles as Fireplace with Crackling Flames and Glowing Embers, Ocean Waves Seaside Ambience, or Thunder and Rain White Noise, the company has created such unique titles as Jupiter Space Station, Galactic Star Cruiser, Airplane Cabin White Noise, and Air Conditioner White Noise. Its new collection of Baby Sleep White Noise titles is quickly gaining popularity as well. 

Read more about Relaxing White Noise LLC here.

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