Janson Partners with John McLean Media

Janson Partners with John McLean Media

Janson Media announced today that it has partnered with Seattle-based distributor John McLean Media to bring a range of long-running cooking shows to Amazon's global VOD platforms and to Twitch.TV's online linear channel, twitch.tv/food. Included in the agreement are Cucina Amore with Nick Stellino (143 x 30'), Graham Kerr's Kitchen (78 x 30'), and Masterchef USA (26 x 30').

Hosted by internationally renowned Italian chef Nick Stellino, Cucina Amore brings the intimacy and passion of the Italian kitchen to America. Born in Palermo, Sicily, Stellino was raised in a culture that placed a great emphasis on the value of food, family, and love. Some of Stellino's fondest childhood memories are from around the dinner table and in his grandmother's "cucina." Nick Stellino began his culinary career as a dishwasher and worked his way up from there. After achieving success in the restaurant business, Stellino wanted to share his passion and love for cooking with the world. From there, he launched Cucina Amore. Produced by West 175, the series was syndicated nationally to public television stations across the USA. The series went on for three seasons and featured hundreds of recipes. Each episode of Cucina Amore focuses on the preparation of a traditional Italian dish. Stellino has taught his viewers how to cook everything from an easy, yet flavorful tomato sauce to a light and delicious egg drop soup.

Hosted by culinary titan Graham Kerr, Graham Kerr's Kitchen this series showcases a style of healthy cooking Kerr has dubbed "Minimax." The Minimax Method is intended to minimize fat and cholesterol, all the while maximizing aroma, color, texture, and taste.   Many people remember Graham Kerr as "The Galloping Gourmet" -- a lively and eccentric personality who wouldn't shy away from adding an extra tablespoon of butter or splash of cream to his recipes. Following a series of personal tragedies and a religious awakening, Kerr ditched his self-described hedonistic lifestyle, favoring a healthy way of living. Graham Kerr's Kitchen reflects the chef’s wholesome lifestyle. The show originally aired on the public television stations (PBS) nationwide in the U.S.. Each episode of Graham Kerr's Kitchen features a Minimax recipe, explained and demonstrated in Kerr's signature humorous and animated style. The culinary legend takes traditionally unhealthy recipes like quesadillas and burgers and gives them a fresh spin. According to a New York Times profile on Kerr, his cooking techniques feature "more vegetables and greater convenience, but fewer rules."

Amateur cooks selected from regional contests held all over the USA compete for the honor of being judged “the best amateur cook in the USA” in the series Masterchef USA.  Each show features three contestants who cook a three-course meal that must cost less than $75 and be accomplished in two and a half hours.  The winners are selected by the series host and two different celebrity judges each program. Host Gary Rhodes is one of Britain’s best-loved chefs.  His culinary success includes two Michelin stars. His lively and youthful personality has won him a devoted television audience in the United Kingdom for five BBC television series and four cookbooks.  American audiences will remember Gary from his appearances in the popular PBS series, Great Food.  In 1999, Bon Appetit magazine named Gary “the most electrifying chef in London.”

All three food series are now airing worldwide on Twitch.tv/food, the linear internet channel curated by Janson Media. Seasons 2 and 3 of Cucina Amore and all three seasons of Graham Kerr's Kitchen have also launched on Amazon's English-language VOD platforms.

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