Janson Partners with UK-Based Espresso Media International

Janson Partners with UK-Based Espresso Media International

Janson Media announced today that it has entered an exciting new business partnership with factual entertainment distribution company, Espresso Media International. Janson Media has reached an agreement with the UK-based company to distribute a wide variety of their titles to Amazon Video's global SVOD streaming service. Several titles are being expanded to increase their reach across the globe, include such films, specials, and series as Apollo Astronauts: Training NASA's Moon Men, Sex + Religion, The Sky is Not The Limit, Pleasure of Rope, Radioman, The Fade, Is Anybody Out There?, and The Saturn V Story.

Several new titles are being launched this fall, including three crime documentaries, a colorful "how-to" art series, an inside look at life among the Taliban, and an undercover journey into Egypt. 

In Alone Among the Taliban, Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Eslamzadeh was granted privileged permission to film the Taliban. He witnesses shocking scenes and visits jails, Islamic State courts, meetings and council authorities all under the flimsy protection of his undercover status.

A one-hour documentary, Undercover Egypt, follows an investigative journalist as she returns to Egypt to explore controversial topics such as gender roles, politics and sexuality. This journalist shines a light on life for the women, the female protesters and explores sexual harassment, crossing all three red lines you’re not supposed to tackle: politics, religion and sex.

In the three-episodes series The Artist in You, British artist Jenny Muncaster sets out to prove that just because you "don’t do" art, doesn’t mean you "can’t do" art! Each episode features a stunning creation by Jenny, with all tips and "how-tos" provided. Novices create their own interpretation, with great results, in this feel-good, entertaining and informative series.

Price of Honor is a heartbreaking story of two American teenage sisters killed in Texas by their own father. Told with emotional interviews, news archive of the killing and home-video, this film generated such attention that the FBI placed the murderer back on their "Most Wanted" list - and he is still at large.

Apollo Astronauts: Training NASA's Moon Men delves deep into early astronaut training. This film tells the story of the rigorous training elite NASA astronauts go through to become astronauts, pilots, photographers, geologists and scientists, all to land on the moon!  The thirteen episode series, Sex + Religion, explores the controversial dichotomy between sensuality and spirituality.
The Sky is Not The Limit tells the amazing story of ‘YouTube astronaut’ Chris Hadfield, who sang David Bowie’s Space Oddity live from Space! The Pleasure of Rope delves deep into the hidden Japanese art of rope bondage known as Kinbaku.

Radioman is an eccentric documentary that tells the story of Craig "Radioman" Castaldo, a former homeless alcoholic who has been described as a "serial film extra."  Castaldo has talked himself onto innumerable movie sets, and some of his famous friends include A-listers like George Clooney, Robin Williams, and Johnny Depp.

The Fade tells the story of four barbers across the globe.  Viewers get an in-depth peek into the lives of these strikingly unique, yet similar men. Hailing from Ghana, Jamaica, the United States, and London, this fascinating documentary explores the cultural importance of barbering throughout the marginalized communities of each country.

The search for intelligent extraterrestrial life is one the most interesting and controversial topics in recent years. Is Anybody Out There? tells the story of the WAW signal, a mysterious 72-second signal picked up on a telescope in Ohio. To this day the WAW signal is still considered one of the most convincing pieces of evidence in the debate over extraterrestrial life.

The Saturn V Story explores the development and creation of the Saturn V Rocket, the vehicle that put a man on the moon. When President Kennedy famously pledged to put a man on the moon within a decade, engineer Werner Von Braun worked feverishly to achieve that dream.

Titles in the Espresso package will launch on both Amazon's subscription (SVOD) and transactional (TVOD) platforms in the United States, and will have varying windows on selected Amazon Prime platforms in other English-speaking territories around the world.

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