Janson Signs CJ E&M's Tooniverse for Digital Distribution

Janson Signs CJ E&M's Tooniverse for Digital Distribution

Janson Media announced today a partnership with leading South Korean entertainment and media conglomerate CJ E&M, to bring a range of their hit children's television shows to Amazon Prime's VOD platforms in the United States. The series, part of a branded block of content called Tooniverse are designed for pre-school children from ages three to six. All have earned high ratings on South Korean television, captivating young viewers with their colorful, fast-paced content that is at once educational and entertaining.

Currently the Tooniverse block of content includes the series Bananana Doong DoongHello JadooOlala School, Thunder Store, Wara Store, and Wish RangersThe series join Janson Media's fast-growing slate of children's animation brands available for digital platforms in multiple territories worldwide.

About CJ E&M 
Seoul-based CJ E&M operates 16 TV channels encompassing entertainment, music, film, lifestyle and animation. As Asia's premier general content company, the company is opening up new horizons, accelerating globalization strategies, and advancing into major regions around the world by expanding festivals, conventions, and global networks as well as localizing and digitalizing content.

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