Kongsuni and Friends Creates a Magical Experience for Young Viewers

Kongsuni and Friends Creates a Magical Experience for Young Viewers

For five year-old Kongsuni, life is one big, beautiful adventure. Whether it's at home, in school, or on the playground, everyday experiences have a way of becoming exceptional when she's around. There's never a dull moment in Kongsuni's world! The secret? Her best friend: a magical talking owl named Seyo. Any scenario that Kongsuni dreams up, Seyo can make a reality with his special powers. The 3D animated 52 episode series launched on the Disney Channel in South Korea with immediate success. Today, fans new and old can find Kongsuni and Friends on Amazon Prime Video in the United States. Each seven-minute episode is full of creative concepts and wonderful experiences for children. The popularity of the show led to the creation of a toy line replicating the characters, which are now available on Amazon as well. The Youtube channel for the series recently passed the 100,000 subscriber level.

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