Muzzy Continues to Teach Languages, Thirty Years Later

Muzzy Continues to Teach Languages, Thirty Years Later

MUZZY was originally created in 1986, as a film to teach English as a second language. Following its popularity, it was created in several other languages. For over 30 years, MUZZY has been introducing millions of children worldwide to a second language. MUZZY has a long history of success and has been trusted by parents, schools, and libraries around the world. Now, it comes freshly alive with all new animation and sound. Here you can watch a MUZZY commercial from the 1990s. Developed by the BBC, MUZZY is effective for children of all ages, and lets children explore a bigger world through language.

MUZZY in Gondoland teaches English to children as young as two and up. Using a natural immersion approach that mimics the way the child learned their first language, MUZZY teaches 1200+ words and concepts through an animated story across 6 units. As they watch the antics of the lovable MUZZY and his friends, children learn a functional vocabulary, contributing to true bilingualism. Children are introduced to present and past tense verbs, adjectives, useful phrases such as greetings, telling time, counting and much more. Janson Media also distributes MUZZY language learning videos to teach French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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