Oddbods Halloween Special will Entertain the Whole Family

Oddbods Halloween Special will Entertain the Whole Family

Enjoy the craziness of our cute little Oddbods on this special Halloween episode. Come along as they trick or treat and celebrate Halloween by dressing up in their favorite costumes, including ghosts, mummies, and so much more! It is a magic filled special full of scary surprises, pranks, and of course laughs. This spooky fun adventure is perfect to get in that Halloween spirit.

The series itself can be found on Netflix. It is full of great animation and creative characters that certainly captivate and entertain children of all ages. As well, the Oddbods Youtube channel has just under three million subscribers, proving to be a spectacular show for children and their families. Keep a look out as the Oddbods toys are making their way to the stores of the US.

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