Richard Bangs Adventures with Purpose Launched on Amazon Worldwide

Richard Bangs Adventures with Purpose Launched on Amazon Worldwide

Janson Media announced today that the Emmy Award-winning travel series Adventures with Purpose is now available on Amazon Video's global streaming service. The series was created by Small World Productions and originally aired nationally on public television stations (PBS) in the United States.

Small World Productions is a Seattle-based production studio that specializes in international travel series. For over twenty years the company has been dedicated to providing viewers with culturally accurate and entertaining information about some of the most desirable travel destinations around the world. Some notable Small World series include Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa, Travels in Europe with Rick Steves, Travels in Mexico and the Caribbean with Shari Belafonte, and of course, Adventures with Purpose.

Adventures with Purpose is hosted by the celebrated author, traveler and television personality Richard Bangs. The series follows Bangs as he journeys across the globe to help understand some of the world's most challenging environmental problems. Adventures with Purpose explores work being done to preserve biodiversity in Costa Rica, attempts to unlock age-old Māori secrets in New Zealand, and a project to save the endangered one-horned rhinoceros of Assam, India from extinction.

Titles currently featured on Amazon Prime Video include Geneva and the Matterhorn: Quest for the Water Castle, Hong Kong: Quest for the Dragon, Morocco Quest for the Kabash, Switzerland: Quest for the Sublime. The entire collection features twelve one-hour documentary specials.

Adventures with Purpose has been the recipient of over twenty prestigious awards. The series has most notably won the 2012 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Gold Award, the 2012 Magellan Award, and two Emmy Awards.

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