Sing Along With Baby Bao Panda

Sing Along With Baby Bao Panda

Pandas! Those cute, cuddly, and adorable animals are loved by parents and children alike. Unfortunately there are very few pandas left in the real world, but we were able to find a few to help teach children some important educational lessons. Baby Bao Panda consists of some super talented pandas that can sing nursery rhymes with ease. Led by Baby Bao, these pandas are well-versed in their ABCs, shapes, colors, and 123s, and will help children learn them in an effortless and entertaining way. Baby Bao and his 3D animated panda pals are here to sing and dance to simple poems and nursery rhymes, encouraging any shy toddler to join in the fun... and learn!

The Baby Bao Panda Youtube channel has also been quickly growing, and is days away from reaching the 300,000 subscriber mark. The channel already boasts over 130 million views, with its seemingly endless choice of songs or fun clips to engage young viewers and their moms and dads.

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