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A Taste of History

Chef Walter Staib travels the globe, to historical locations, into famous kitchens and exotic markets to bring you A Taste of History. The cooking TV series explores, educates, and brings America's culinary heritage to life through the recreation of elegant and sumptuous dishes inspired by the founding fathers.

Episode List

A Taste of History (Season 1)

  1. 1Martha Washington Won the War
  2. 2Early German Settlers
  3. 3Madeira Wine by the Galleons
  4. 4Root Cellar
  5. 5Von Steuben's Secret Weapon
  6. 6Jefferson's Monticello - Part 1
  7. 7Jefferson's Monticello - Part 2
  8. 8Jefferson's Monticello - Part 3
  9. 9Jefferson's Monticello - Part 4
  10. 10Hercules: Slave Chef to the Washingtons
  11. 11Ben Franklin's Genius
  12. 12Washington's Crossing Pepperpot Soup

A Taste of History (Season 2)

  1. 1Charles Thomson - Witness To History
  2. 2The Powels - Friends of the Washingtons
  3. 3Surgery and Soda Pop
  4. 4Escape to Deshler-Morris House
  5. 5Betsy Ross Sews a Legend
  6. 6Benjamin Franklin - Science Superstar
  7. 7David Rittenhouse's Orrery
  8. 8Yellow Fever
  9. 9Benedict Arnold's Treacherous Wife
  10. 1018th Century Animals
  11. 11Coffee At Colonial Williamsburg
  12. 12Lafayette's Sacrifices
  13. 13The Beautiful People Of Colonial Williamsburg

A Taste of History (Season 3)

  1. 1The Washingtons at Mount Vernon- Part 1
  2. 2The Washingtons at Mount Vernon- Part 2
  3. 3Bartram's Gardens: A Revolution in Gardening
  4. 4Rye Coffee
  5. 5Dolley & James Madison- Entertaining at Montpelier- Part 1
  6. 6Dolley & James Madison- Entertaining at Montpelier- Part 2
  7. 7Philadelphia Falls
  8. 8Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention
  9. 9Weekend Warriors
  10. 10Jamaica- The Market Basket
  11. 11Birds of America- John James Audubon
  12. 12Nothing Grows on Exuma
  13. 13The First Three Seasons

A Taste of History (Season 4)

  1. 1Freedom Trail
  2. 2Longfellow's Poem
  3. 3John Adams
  4. 4Antigua
  5. 5St. Lucia
  6. 6The Rum Trade
  7. 7How Catchup Came to America
  8. 8William Penn
  9. 918th Century Cookbooks
  10. 10James Monroe
  11. 11Pirates Get Their Due
  12. 12Blue Mountain Coffee
  13. 13The First Five Presidents

A Taste of History (Season 5)

  1. 1Engineering a Revolution
  2. 2Star Spangled Banner
  3. 3Let Freedom Ring
  4. 4El Camino Real
  5. 5Chili Peppers: Fruit of New Mexico
  6. 6King of Prussia
  7. 7Battle of Nassau
  8. 8Trekking South Africa
  9. 9Original Americans
  10. 10Under the Vine and Figtree
  11. 11A Capital Design
  12. 12Original Sushi
  13. 13Revolutionary Caribbean

A Taste of History (Season 6)

  1. 1Philadelphia's City Tavern
  2. 2Winning the War With Bread
  3. 3Artillery by the Book
  4. 4Fort Mifflin's River War
  5. 5General Hand, Redcoat/Patriot
  6. 6Take to the Waters
  7. 7Grenada - The Spice Island
  8. 8Discovering China's Past
  9. 9Benjamin Franklin - at Home in London
  10. 10The Return of L' Hermione
  11. 11Back to The Black Forest
  12. 12Roots of Creole Cooking in St Lucia

A Taste of History (Season 7)

  1. 1Charles Thomson's Great Seal of the United States
  2. 2George Washington in Barbados
  3. 3Dr. Benjamin Rush: Father of American Psychiatry
  4. 4The Water of Life: Cognac
  5. 5Boston"s Famous Parker House
  6. 6The Moravians of Bethlehem
  7. 7James K. Polk: The Dark Horse President
  8. 8George Washington's Tent
  9. 9When America Spoke French
  10. 10Orchids, Herbs and Rum in Jamaica
  11. 11Eliza Powel's Sinful Feast
  12. 12Pittsburgh: From Frontier to Fortune
  13. 13From Bordeaux to Jefferson's Cellars

A Taste of History (Season 8)

  1. 1George Washington's Whiskey
  2. 2Peace and Autonomy
  3. 3German Born, American Made
  4. 4Creole Cuisine and the War of 1812
  5. 5300 Years of Service
  6. 6Bonaparte in St. Lucia
  7. 7Alexander Hamilton - The Financier
  8. 8Cajun Cuisine of the Acadians
  9. 9Yorktown - The Last Battle
  10. 10The Mummers: Pistols, Parasols & Parades
  11. 11Coffee Past, Present & Future
  12. 12The Queen of the Caribbean
  13. 13Washington's Character, Charisma & Ambition

A Taste of History (Season 9)

  1. 1Remember Paoli!
  2. 2Settling Jamestown
  3. 3Jamaica's Spectacular South Coast
  4. 4The Bounty of Penn's Pennsylvania
  5. 5A Tribute to Mrs. Goodfellow
  6. 6Recipes in the Rainforest
  7. 7Pennsbury: The Working Estate
  8. 8The Monticello Wine Experiment
  9. 9Flavors of the Pinoleros
  10. 10Handmade: Crafts of the 18th Century
  11. 11Rochambeau's Revolutionary Road
  12. 12A Sentimental Journey Through Nicaragua
  13. 13Best of Jamaica
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  • Format: 115 x 23 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2009-2018
  • Supplier: A Taste of History Inc.
  • Original Language: English

13 Time Emmy© Award Winner


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