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Ciao Italia

Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito turns everyday cooking into a happy celebration of authentic regional Italian cuisine with flavorful recipes from the Piedmont to Puglia, Tuscany to Sicily, and everywhere in between. By using authentic ingredients from the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, Mary Ann creates Italian recipes that turn ordinary meals into memorable masterpieces. Buon appetito!

Mary Ann Esposito, the host of Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito, is an American chef, and cookbook writer. She has published over a dozen cookbooks. Ciao Italia started in 1989 and is the longest-running television cooking program in America.

Read about Mary Ann on her Wikipedia page.

The most recent season of Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito, produced in HD in 2018, is available for licensing.

Episode List

Ciao Italia (Season 27)

  1. 1Got Lemons? / Avete Limoni?
  2. 2Fabulous Focaccia / Favolosa Focaccia
  3. 3Magic in a Pot / Magia in Una Pentola
  4. 4More than Just a Cone
  5. 5Dumplings to Die For / Gnocchi
  6. 6Giulia Mountain Food / Cibo di Montagna
  7. 7Art of the Artichoke / L’arte del Carciofo
  8. 8Handmade Cheese! / Formaggio Fatto a Mano
  9. 9Light Up Your Taste Buds
  10. 10Legumes for Health / Legumi per la Salute
  11. 11Comfort Food
  12. 12Catch of the Day
  13. 13A Surprise Inside / Una Sopresa Dentro
  14. 14Supper on the Grill / Cena alla Griglia
  15. 15Fantastic Fazzoletti / Fantastici Fazzoletti
  16. 16Salumi Party! / Festa di Salumi
  17. 17Sweet Sebadas / Dolci Sebadas
  18. 18Gifts from the Forest / Ragali dalla Foresta
  19. 19Sunday Sauce / La Salsa di Domenica
  20. 20Cave Into Cavatelli
  21. 21Joy and Music on a Plate / Gioia e Musica su un Piatto
  22. 22Catanian Cooking / Cucina di Catania
  23. 23Hot and Hearty
  24. 24All’onda
  25. 25Lombardia  Dinner, Milano Style / Cena alla Milanese
  26. 26"Strega Nonna’s Pizza" / La Pizza alla Strega Nonna
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Program Details
  • Format: 26 x 25 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2018
  • Supplier: Mary Ann Esposito, Inc.
  • Original Language: English

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