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Hollywood Collection

Award-winning collection of classic movie star biographies and retrospectives is a spectacular treasury of portraits, some narrated by the stars themselves. Featuring clips from their most memorable films, candid interviews with friends, family members, directors, producers, writers, agents, and fellow actors, rare home movies, newsreel footage, footage of Academy Award banquets… and more.

Episode List

Hollywood Collection (Season 1)

  1. 1Alan Ladd
  2. 2Anthony Quinn An Original
  3. 3Audrey Hepburn Remembered
  4. 4Barbara Stanwyck
  5. 5Burt Lancaster Daring to Reach
  6. 6Cary Grant, The Leading Man
  7. 7Charlton Heston, For All Seasons
  8. 8Clint Eastwood
  9. 9Fred MacMurray
  10. 10Gary Cooper, The Face of a Hero
  11. 11Grace Kelly, The American Princess
  12. 12Gregory Peck, His Own Man
  13. 13Hollywood's Children
  14. 14Ingrid
  15. 15Ingrid Bergman Remembered
  16. 16Jack Lemmon, America's Everyman
  17. 17Joan Crawford, Always The Star
  18. 18Mae West
  19. 19Marilyn Monroe, Beyond the Legend
  20. 20Michael Caine, Breaking the Mold
  21. 21Robert Mitchum, The Reluctant Star
  22. 22Roger Moore, A Matter of Class
  23. 23Shirley Maclaine, Kicking Up Her Heels
  24. 24Shirley Temple, America's Little Darling
  25. 25Steve McQueen, Man on the Edge
  26. 26The Horror of It All
  27. 27The Story of Lassie
  28. 28The Worlds of Harry Connick, Jr.
  29. 29Walter Matthau, Diamond in the Rough
  30. 30William Holden, The Golden Boy
  31. 31Yul Brynner, The Man Who Was King

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Rights Available
  • Educational: Worldwide
  • Linear TV (FreeTV, PayTV, OTT): Worldwide
  • Non-Theatrical (Airlines, etc.): Worldwide
  • TVOD (EST, DTO, DTR, CableVOD) : Worldwide
  • VOD Streaming (AVOD, FVOD, SVOD): Worldwide

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Program Details
  • Format: 31 x 60 Minutes
  • Production Year: 1982-2007
  • Supplier: Suzette Feldman
  • Original Language: English
DocumentaryBiographiesArchival / SDCinema

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