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Kim Il Sung's Children

This documentary is based on the true story of North Korean orphans who were sent to Eastern Europe in the 1950's. While South Korean orphans moved to Europe and the United States through "International Adoption," the North Korean government chose a very unique method called, "Commissioned Education." The story of these children provides a key to understanding the modern North Korea.

"As a result of this project, more than five thousand children from the North had to spend nearly a decade living in foreign lands across Eastern Europe. This story is a record of their lives, which used to be kept hidden from the rest of the world. There is a key to understanding how North Korea’s closed political structure began and how the "Juche ideology" was formed. Understanding North Korea in the 1950s helps to understand the modern North Korea."

Film Review, Hindustan Times


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Program Details
  • Format: 1 x 84 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2020
  • Supplier: Docustory Production
  • Original Language: Korean (English and Japanese versions also available)
"It's a mostly forgotten slice of Cold War history, but a new documentary shines light on the lives of the orphans whose departure still weighs on the Europeans who knew them."- ABC News "New film tells tale of North Korean orphans sent to Europe" - AP report "Un documentaire sur les orphelins nord-coréens envoyés en Europe en 1953" - Euro News "東欧に送られた北朝鮮孤児たち 朝鮮戦争の悲劇、映画に" - Asahi newspaper (Japan)
Best Feature Documentary from ROME International Movie awards in August, 2020 (Winner) 2020 Rome International Movie Awards, the best documentary (Winner) Semi finalist from Cyrus International Festival of Toronto 2020 International New York Film Festival (US) Official Selection 2020 Nice International Film Festival (France) Official Selection 2020 Tokyo-Lift Off Film Festival (Japan) Official Selection 2020 Deptford Cinema On Demand (UK) Official Selection 2020 Santa Cruz International Film Festival (Argentine) Official Selection 2020 First-Time Filmmaker Film Festival (US) Official Selection 2020 Pyeongchang International Film Festival (South Korea) Official Selection 2020 Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival (Germany) Official Selection 2020 Rasnov Film and Histories Festival (Romania) Official Selection 2020 Rome International Movie Awards (Italy) Official Selection 2019 Polish International Film Festival (Poland) Official Selection Official selection of 'Global Migration Film Festival' - UN International Organization of Migration
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