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Man in Red Bandana

This feature-length documentary film tells the inspirational story of a 9/11 American hero - Welles Remy Crowther. The young man worked on the 104th floor of the South Tower and saved at least ten people on September 11th. Tragically, Welles died that day, but his heroics became known eight months later as a result of an ordinary item - his signature red bandana. Narrated by Gwyneth Paltrow.


The film re-traces Welles’ courageous actions that fateful day, and examines the many people (family, friends and strangers) who have been inspired by Welles’ actions and the unique ways in which they have honored him.

Narrated by Gwyneth Paltrow

Written and directed by Matthew Weiss
Produced by Chad A. Verdi and Joshua Sason

"They didn't know his name. They didn't know where he came from. But they knew their lives had been saved by the man in the red bandana." - President Barack Obama, speaking at the dedication of the 9/11 Museum

“Amidst the chaos, dread and sadness, there existed saint-like beings that put others before themselves. Welles’ story and how it has achieved folklore-like status throughout the United States is one of hope and selflessness that instills faith in the human spirit.” - Joshua Sason, Producer

"People see the fallen, beat-up world around them and ask: What can I do? Maybe: Be like Welles Crowther. Take your bandanna, change the world." - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

"His story has been told numerous times, but it is laid out in dramatically poignant detail in this new documentary." - Corey Kilgannon, New York Times

"In a time of great division and loud discord in our country, where so much separates us, the bandana exists, as does Welles' life and its final hour, as symbols of what might bind us together — in our caring for one another. I hope the red bandanna might exist as a red badge of courage for our time, as a reminder of the common fabric in our humanity." - Tom Rinaldi, Journalist and Author, The Red Bandanna, A Life, A Choice, A Legacy

Read more at the official website for the film. The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 is less than two years away.

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Rights Available
  • VOD Streaming (AVOD, FVOD, SVOD): Worldwide
  • Linear TV (FreeTV, PayTV, OTT): Worldwide

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Program Details
  • Format: 1 x 80 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2017
  • Supplier: RDZ Productions
  • Original Language: English

Official Selection:

- Rhode Island International Film Festival
- Napa Valley Film Festival
- Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival
- Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival
- Coronado Island Film Festival
- Jersey Shore Film Festival
- Marcellus Movie Madness Family Film Festival
- Art is Alive Film Festival


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