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Murderous Minds: Inside Serial Killers

In the annals of crime, not many genres inspire as much horror and revulsion as that of the serial killer. A predator in the most savage form. A beastly figure usually preying on the weak, innocent and vulnerable. Deeply-embedded negative and sometimes horrific experiences are the usual catalysts for their reign of terror. Take a look inside these murderous minds.

Episode List

Season 1 (Season 1)

  1. 1Andrei Chikatilo
  2. 2Dr. Harold Shipman
  3. 3Ed Gein
  4. 4Ted Bundy
  5. 5Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
  6. 6Jack the Ripper
  7. 7Jeffrey Dahmer
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Rights Available
  • Educational: Worldwide
  • Linear TV (FreeTV, PayTV, OTT): Worldwide
  • Non-Theatrical (Airlines, etc.): Worldwide
  • TVOD (EST, DTO, DTR, CableVOD) : Worldwide
  • VOD Streaming (AVOD, FVOD, SVOD): Worldwide

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Program Details
  • Format: 7 x 34 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2018-2019
  • Supplier: Ben Gilbert
  • Original Language: English

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