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Serving for Justice: The Story of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion

Amidst the horrors and indignities of Jim Crow America, one million African Americans served their country to protect democracy abroad and expand it at home during World War II. This documentary tells of a combat unit struggling to succeed in battle, proving their full-citizenship when their lives seemed to matter less. Here is a story of fortitude, brotherhood, and faith in America's ideals.

Director's Statement

"Serving for Justice is about the history of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion. It covers a wide swath of black history from the early Jim Crow laws and how the African American experience unfolded in America and how it shaped the men who would go on to fight in WWII. This project was originally produced for the American Embassy in Belgium but has grown from that original mission. To say this project is timely would be quite an understatement but it goes to show that racial inequality has been with us a long while and has not been addressed properly. Perhaps now more voices are speaking up and positive change will come about. Time will tell. I am pleased, however that the work I have done in this area has continued to be noticed." - Robert Child

"Serving for Justice tells a story that needs to be told, and it is told well. The research that went into producing this film and the skill with which it was done are laudable. The initial ten minutes provides an excellent, albeit short history of the black experience up to WWII. I hope the producers will devote an entire movie to that experience in the future. The history of the men who enlisted or were inducted, trained, deployed, and fought in the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion is an American story that could be told of any of the 16 million personnel who wore our uniform in WWII. The fact that these men and others like them who happened to be African-American operated under a continual cloud of racism and yet performed just like any other American Soldier, some very good and some not as good, is what is remarkable. As the colloquialism says, they went into the fight with one hand tied behind their backs. The key part is they went into the fight! The producers have done an amazing job telling the story of the unit up to and including its participation in the Battle of the Bulge and the war crimes committed on the men we now know as the Wereth Eleven. The end story of the ultimate acknowledgement of the crime and the memorial erected and dedicated in their honor and memory is critical to our history. I highly recommend this film. It is historically accurate to my knowledge and very well done."
Robert W. Scherer
COL (Retired), US Army
Historian, 12th Armored Division Association
Board Member 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

"As an author who has written about black combat units in the First World War (and as a former artillery officer), I am impressed with this story of the 333rd Field Artillery in World War Two. And it's much more than just the story of the 333rd. It shines another significant light on the role of military service in advancing racial equality in America. It is a great story well told. The authors provide excellent background preceding the formation of these black combat units in the early 20th Century. The stories of black volunteers who stepped forward in wartime and served our nation, despite decades of racial discrimination and segregation is inspiring, and hopeful. The title chosen of the documentary "Serving for Justice" demonstrates that the authors see and appreciate the broader significance. The 333rd's bravery, success and sacrifice is another example of important steps taken as our nation moves forward embracing more equality for all. Watching this story of the actions of the men of the 333rd is a great way to spend 50 minutes, and learn." W. Douglas Fisher, Author of African American Doctors of WWI History (2016)
Former Artillery and Foreign Service Officer, Retired Business Executive & Bank Chairman

"As a journalist and interviewing people of all different colors, ages and backgrounds this is so very informative. I truly felt a part of this group of men throughout the film. I personally did not know about this part of History. When I see something that was not taught in the textbooks I immediately have to share with my two sons. Surprisingly my oldest who is 14 knew about them.
As a member of the media I wish these kinds of stories could be told through the main stream media on a daily basis. The world needs to know about the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion heroes. Thank you for putting together this film to enlightenment myself and others who would benefit from learning about the history of our ancestors."
Irene Johnson
NBC 4 Washington Producer/Videographer


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Program Details
  • Format: 1 x 50 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2020
  • Supplier: Ebony Doughboys Productions LLC.
  • Original Language: English

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