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The Book That Wrote Itself

Vincent Macken believes he has written the great Irish novel. When publishers turn it down he decides to prove them wrong by turning it into a movie. The film culminates at the Venice Film Festival, where Vincent pitches George Clooney, Kenneth Branagh, Robert DeNiro and others what he now believes to be the great Irish film. An eccentric black comedy on the pretensions of art & filmmaking.

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Program Details
  • Format: 1 x 70 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2000
  • Supplier: Siar A Rachas Muid Productions Ltd.
  • Original Language: English
"Hip and Charming..." - Empire magazine "Funny... refreshing... an appealing road movie..." - The Boston Herald "Nice One Mate..." - MTV "Amusing..." - Seattle Weekly "Intriguing...." - BBC Film 2001 "Wonderful, witty, cutting edge indie film..." - www.filethirteen.com "Audacious and cleverly executed... if 'The Book That Wrote Itself' was actually a book, I'd recommend it." - Filmthreat.com "Clever... energetic... an awesome talent..." - The Blizzard Of Odd - RTE "Mad but fun..." -Film Review "Stunning... unique and highly individual feature film..." - Hot Press "Par Excellence..." - Variety "Funny..." - Sunday Times "O'Mochain's unique and unabashed approach to filmmaking will definitely mark him out from the crowd..." - D-Side "Inventive comedy... that proves surprisingly memorable." - Time Out - London "Good Humoured..." - Irish Times
1999 Vancouver International Film Festival 1999 Austin Film Festival 1999 Oslo Film Festival 1999 Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina 1999 Cork Film Festival 1999 Galway Film Festival 2000 Local Heroes Film Festival, Canada 2000 Arizona International Film Festival 2000 London Irish Film Festival 2000 Cannes Film Festival 2000 BradfordFilm Festival 2000 Durban Film Festival, SA 2000 Seattle Irish Film Festival 2001 Cambridge Film Festival 2001 Boston Irish Film Festival 2001 Raindance Film Festival 2001 Berlin Irish Film Festival 2001 Britspotting Film Festival, Berlin 2002 Budapest Irish Film Festival AWARDS LODGERS AWARD Best feature film at the 1999 Austin Film Festival AUDIENCE AWARD Runner up – Seattle Irish Reels
InternationalDramaComedyArchival / SD

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