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Travel with Kids

An entertaining yet practical travel adventure series featuring two real-life kid brothers and their parents traveling to well known and off the tourist track destinations. Explore top family destinations, learning all the tips and tricks to traveling with kids. From where to stay, how to get around and where to eat on a budget.

Episode List

Travel with Kids (Season 1)

  1. 1Puerto Rico
  2. 2Oahu Hawaii
  3. 3Cancun Mexico
  4. 4Big Island of Hawaii
  5. 5Mayan Yucatan Mexico
  6. 6Maui Hawaii
  7. 7Mexico: Caribbean Coast Maya History
  8. 8Kauai Hawaii
  9. 9Caribbean: St. Thomas, US and UK Virgin Islands
  10. 10Molokai Island Hawaii

Travel with Kids (Season 2)

  1. 1Paris
  2. 2New York City
  3. 3London
  4. 4Dublin Ireland
  5. 5Scotland Highlands
  6. 6The Bahamas: Nassau & Paradise Island
  7. 7Florida Miami & The Everglades
  8. 8Ireland Castles & Cliffs of County Clare
  9. 9Florida Space Coast & Orlando
  10. 10England Bath & Stonehenge

Travel with Kids (Season 3)

  1. 1Cruising With Kids - Freedom of the Seas
  2. 2Alaska Fairbanks and Anchorage
  3. 3Jamaica - The Wild West Coast
  4. 4Costa Rica
  5. 5Peru Rainforest
  6. 6Bahamas Cat & Grand Bahama
  7. 7Alaska Kenai Homer
  8. 8Jamaica - The Gold Coast of the North
  9. 9Peru Machu Picchu
  10. 10Costa Cloud Forest
  11. 11Ireland Northwest
  12. 12Scotland Edinburgh
  13. 13Northern Ireland Belfast

Travel with Kids (Season 4)

  1. 1San Diego
  2. 2Peru Cusco
  3. 3Alaska Kenai
  4. 4San Diego
  5. 5Wales: History & Roman Legacy
  6. 6Wales: Eco-adventure and Green Living in King Arthur’s Land
  7. 7Arizona Cowboy Dude Ranch
  8. 8Greece Athens
  9. 9Italy Venice
  10. 10Greek Islands
  11. 11Reno
  12. 12Baja Whale
  13. 13Tuscany Italy

Travel with Kids (Season 5)

  1. 1Cabo Mexico
  2. 2Wales UK Family Adventure
  3. 3Rome Italy
  4. 4Churches of Rome & The Amalfi Coast
  5. 5Tahiti French Polynesia
  6. 6Moorea Island French Polynesia
  7. 7China - The Yangtze River & Three Gorges Dam
  8. 8Vietnam - Hanoi & Ha Long Bay Adventure
  9. 9Bangkok, Jungles & Elephant Adventures
  10. 10Hawaii - Oahu & Honolulu for Kids
  11. 11Park City Utah Ski Family Adventure
  12. 12South Africa Safari Family Adventure
  13. 13South Africa Cape Town and Sharks

Travel with Kids (Season 6)

  1. 1Big Island of Hawaii for Families
  2. 2Los Angeles California with kids
  3. 3South Africa's Garden Coast
  4. 4South Africa's Wildlife Adventures
  5. 5Bora Bora Island French Polynesia
  6. 6Cancun Mexico With Kids
  7. 7Huatulco Pacific Coast of Mexico
  8. 8Belize Islands and Jungles With Kids
  9. 9Beliize Caribbean Coast With Kids
  10. 10Beijing & The Great Wall of China with Kids
  11. 11Fiji & Castaway Island
  12. 12Botswana, Africa Safari Adventure
  13. 13Maui Hawaii For Kids
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Program Details
  • Format: 72 x 28 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2007-2015
  • Supplier: Jeremy Simmons
  • Original Language: English
"In this edition of the acclaimed Travel with Kids series, the Roberts family visits the crystal blue waters and white sand beaches of the Bahamas—an easy 30-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL. First stop is the gateway island of New Providence, where the capital city of Nassau is located. Mom, dad, and their two boys learn a bit of exciting local history during a visit to a pirate museum, explore crafts markets and duty-free shops, and go to a huge aquarium, where they meet friendly dolphins, and see a giant manta ray (the kids get to go "backstage" to see what it takes to feed the critter every day). A snorkeling adventure at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas resort includes a brief dip in the water (with sharks nearby!). The family also enjoy quiet times on the nearly deserted shores of Cat Island, and on Grand Bahama Island, where they explore the natural environment via a kayak tour through Lucayan National Park. Split into two half-hour episodes, the program provides additional information via intermittent "pop up" facts. DVD extras include a "Trip Planner" with segments on family-friendly accommodations, travel tips and resources; a "Bahamas at Home" featurette with recipes and crafts; and a bloopers reel. Highly recommended." Three & 1/2 Stars -Video Librarian "The couple is likable and friendly, their kids are precocious, and the sites are breathtaking. Anyone looking for a video guide to traveling the streets of Paris with their young ones in tow can’t do better than this." – Zach Freeman, Blogger News Network "…the Roberts family takes in the charm and camaraderie of the Emerald Isle. Although thematically similar, each title in the series has a slightly different emphasis reflecting the distinctive characteristics of the locations visited. Ireland finds the Roberts’ joining local musicians at a pub (many are family-friendly establishments), where traditional Irish music is played with drum, fiddle, accordion, flute, and other instruments. While providing specific tips for traveling with children, the film showcases the scenic countryside and various tourist attractions, including the town of Killarney and its horse-drawn cart rides to Ross Castle, and Killarney National Park, with its lakes, bogs, mountains, and woodlands. And, of course, the foursome visits Blarney Castle in County Cork, built in 1446 and home of the famous Blarney Stone, where tradition requires one to climb to the tower where the landmark is located, flip over on one’s back, and kiss the stone over a small gap in the wall about 100 yards above the ground. Highly recommended." Three and Half Stars – Video Librarian "Just the ticket for parents considering Ireland as a family vacation destination. Entertaining—and empowering!" – Booklist "Mixing in bite-size history lessons along the way, Travel with Kids: England finds the Roberts’ visiting several kid-friendly attractions, including ancient castles, "Stonehenge, the Roman baths in Bath (the algae rules out any tub time there), aquariums, the Beatrix Potter museum, and more. Travel with Kids: London switches gears from the rural countryside to the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s major metropolises, with attractions including Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the Tate Museum, and the London Eye. …these two titles are highly recommended." Three and a Half Stars – Video Librarian "…loaded with fun and educational ideas" – Child.com "…a passport to the exciting and educational family trip of a lifetime, whether you go or just dream of going ." – USA Travel Magazine "…makes planning any travel adventure fun, educational and a treasured family affair." – Callifornia Chronicle "…pop-up facts, local recipes, some foreign language instructions and other information designed to help families maximize their travel experience." – Raising Arizona Kids "…offers a fun and practical armchair journey anytime you want."– Chicago Parent Magazine
Telly Award for Excellence in Video Production iParenting Media– 2006 Excellent Products – for approved family friendly viewing content Dove Foundation – Seal Approval for Family Entertainment 5 Doves (Highest Award) KIDS First Endorsement Wisdom Award – Parent to Parent Merit Award

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