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Our email convention is, but you can find us all on LinkedIn.


  • Mr. Stephen Janson, President
  • Ms. Zara Janson, Vice-President
  • Mr. Jesse Janson, Executive Vice President for Acquisitions & Development
  • Ms. Natasha Janson-Kline, Director of Acquisitions

Administrative Department

  • Ms. Betsy Van Ost, Database Administrator
  • Ms. Charishma Bogolu, Project Manager
  • Ms. May Layugan, Executive Assistant

Video Department

  • Mr. James Shapiro, Senior Video Editor
  • Mr. Alex Cruz, Video Editor
  • Mr. Christopher Moncada, Video Editor
  • Mr. Michael Totera, Video Editor


  • Mr. Tadeo Kvitka, Youtube Channels Manager

Sales & Development

  • Ms. Anne Corsak, VOD Acquisitions Executive, Special Accounts
  • Ms. Joan Lence, Director, U.S. Public Television Relationships
  • Ms. Katya Thornton, Sales & Development, Russia/CIS
  • Mr. Torquil Macneal, Sales Associate, Asia/Pacific Rim (Sydney)
  • Mr. Martin Henlan, Sales Associate, Global InFlight, UK Broadcast (London)
  • Ms. Jacqueline de Rosnay, Sales Associate (Paris)
  • Ms. Fabiana Maraschi, Sales Associate, Italy (Rome)
  • Ms. Alessandra Tedeschi, Sales Associate, Italy (Rome)
  • Ms. Barbara Conte, Sales Associate, Latin America

Art & Design

  • Mr. Patrick Ryder


  • Mr. Allan Mowat, Filemaker Database Developer
  • Mr. Vahe Chagasian, Network & Security Administrator
  • Mr. John Morton, Craft Website Developer
  • Ms. Deborah Lantry, Accountant

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